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Many of our volunteers came to us to help a dog and witnessed the plight of dogs in our society and just couldn’t walk away. As dog lovers we cared too much. We all had different talents to offer. The flavour of our Rescue work: We focus purely on our dogs. We are experts on ‘working type’ terriers and bull breeds as reflected in our websites. We are busy meeting the needs of our incumbent dogs, supporting our rehomers, while linking with the many rescues and rescue minded people such as Dog Wardens, Vet Practices or Council pound helpers who alert us to dogs losing their lives. Although we welcome the new ideas new volunteers bring, most of all we need boots that walk; twitters to tweet; fosterers to foster, drivers to transport our dogs, vets to neuter and fundraisers to shake tins or cook liver cake or human cake for sale. As with any voluntary organisation people flutter in and fade away, but the hard core support workers find their niche and commit. They translate needs into achievement and know they are really making a difference. So take the time to read through the Forum and try and pitch in with one inspiration where you feel comfortable. Meet Some of our Volunteers Some of our dogs photos taken by our voluntary photographers Online Volunteer Walking Form walkers Save Save Save Save


We have a section dedicated to answering all your Fosterinq questions



The importance of fundraising to our rescue.
As a rescue we rely almost totally upon donations we receive from the general public and our members. Our members have become adept at coming up with new initiatives to raise extra vital funds and these include arranging events such as family fun days, taking part in and/or sponsoring initiatives such as bike rides, saving your loose change, on-line auctions and donations from pet shops to name but a few. We are always looking for new ways to raise funds and welcome suggestions and new members who want to help fund raise. We also have stands at local events and shows which need volunteers to help set up and run.
Fund raising is an excellent way for members to become involved with the rescue and get to know other members and have fun while doing vital work for our lovely dogs.

Want to help fund raise or have ideas for fund raising?

Current Appeals

We typically have a number of appeals running at any one time and you can view these in detail by visiting our Donation Page.

Current appeals are:

Jam Jar Appeal
This is about getting people to save their loose change and donating it to our rescue.
4 Ever Homes Appeal


The vital role of transport for our rescue

So much of our week involves transporting dogs into foster; to and from the vets; collecting returned dogs where people can’t organise support to return them or are only willing to come so far and delivering dogs to their new home where the new owner doesn’t have the means to do so.
If you wish to volunteer to transport dogs and have access to a vehicle please complete our online transport form by clicking on the following link. The form will help you to assess the suitability of your vehicle

Our Online Transport Form

Dog Walking

Have you always wanted a dog but worry about it not fitting into your lifestyle? Do you like the idea of being able to spend as many hours as you like playing with as many dogs as you like, but being able to give them back afterwards? We urgently require volunteers to walk our dogs in the Gatwick, Guildford, Chessington and Broxbourne areas, while they await rehoming. Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before, we’ll help you out at every stage and will only pair you with dogs that suit your experience. It’s an extremely rewarding experience for both walkers and dogs, giving these lovely animals a break from the boredom of kennel life. They’ve all got their own individual personalities and they’d love to meet you and make friends. You can even make it a family event by involving your children with suitable dogs, though only adults are allowed to actually hold the dogs.

If you would like to try out walking with us we do taster sessions and if you would like to give it a try please complete and submit our on-line Volunteer Walking Form by clicking the following link.

Please note walkers need to be 18+

Online Volunteer Walking Form