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Rescue Remedies developed by our founder out of a desire to help homeless dogs by offering to foster with a home run Rescue. For the first 5 years the Rescue was run from homes then the need was such we had to hire a kennel to save a dog’s life and gradually we needed to hire more and more kennels. 11 years we find ourselves with a 140 dogs on our books and over 70 in kennels and have to work really hard to raise funds continually to pay for kennel and vets bills.

Rescue Remedies helps the dogs that most Rescues step over for one reason or another. We started with terriers where understanding is key together with safety and security issues. We then embraced Staffies who are there in huge numbers needs help and a chance and some understanding reference their specific needs. The first American Bull Dog we helped was in Jun 2008 he had been abandoned at a kennels and the kennel offered us free kenneling if we could find him his home Spirit was a big boy and taught us a great deal Our next was Arthur who came in stray via Wales and there was no looking back

In 2014 we have found ourselves with 9 American Bull Dogs and rarely an enquiry we have decided to do what we did for our Staffies in setting up their own website…we are hoping we will attract families in who love the breed and can offer our long stay dogs a family of their own and a life beyond kennel walls.

Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue helps rehome Other breeds, Terriers, Patterdales and Staffies.